Using Stick Yoga® to Prepare for Success as a Public Speaker, Actor, or Presenting to an Audience

As a professional seminar speaker, teacher trainer, and workshop leader, for over 30 years, Stick Yoga® is the tool I use to raise my energy and set the tone as a passionate and enthusiastic speaker.  As one of the elements of preparation and warm-up exercises, Stick Yoga®,addresses posture, self image, confidence, and the physical/mental energy necessary to deliver a high energy presentation.

Stick Yoga® is an intentional hybrid of traditional yoga poses and my creative, educated approach to stretching, strengthening, and balance.

This process teaches how to stand comfortably, confidently, full of energy, and with perfect open posture, so that the speaker can deliver whatever speech, interview, or performance one chooses from a place of relaxation, that is positive, confident, passionate, and enthusiastic.  This will allow one to project a voice volume that is appropriate for the audience and room with clear self assured expression.

To Begin:

Before picking up the Yoga Stick, the speaker will stand in neutral position (feet hip width apart and facing forward with knees slightly bent, and the pelvis tucked), physically relaxed and comfortable.  (Picture 1)

Allow yourself to gently shake the wrists, elbows, shoulders, hips, knees, ankles and the whole body to get really loose and let go of any tension.

Then focus on your breathing by making sounds.  These are very important to free yourself from voice or throat tension.  Sounds can include ~ Ha! Ha! Ha! Ho! Ho! Ho!  Just getting the tension out and opening up the diaphragm with forced air out and deep breathing helps relax the entire voice and respiratory systems.

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