Are you ready for a greater challenge and contribution to Life that is fun and uplifting?

certificationBring your teaching through Movement Healing to the next level.

Look to be a leader with more Innate Spark, and Emotional Intelligence from Source.

Feel more awakened and connected to your unique teaching of Stick Yoga® and feel refreshed.

Get primal with Stick Yoga® and explore how the latest dynamic movements, static postures with pushing, pulling and stretching moves will take your teaching skill to the next level.

Stick Yoga® helps to re-ignite your Innate Spark, which nurtures your being.  It is your self-discipline of correct techniques, practice over time that will create self mastery.

When you become comfortable with the Master within you, Stick Yoga®  is here to  change your world and have impact on the lives of others even more deeply.  Strip down to your primitive self and get ready to explore all that Stick Yoga® Master Certification has to offer.

 THE 5 Ways Master Certification will Render you better off:

Leadership skills:  Teaching Stick Yoga™ Routines for Heart and Brain Training (Cardiovascular Program) Nordic Pole Walking and Balance Training   ( Fall Prevention )

Spark: To Awaken and Connect to the Innate Stick Yoga™ Teacher within.  Spark yourself by constantly learning to refine your masterself stretching technique and  teaching skills, and then passionately teach others.

Development for:  Strategies for Sitting Disease in the work place with Stick Yoga™ Routines. Specific stretches for rehab,  Hip Replacement with Stick Yoga™ stretching, strengthening, and balancing is a self discipline lifestyle.  As a master, Stick Yoga™ is an integral part of your daily routine.

Inspiration:  Being an authentic example of practicing and teaching Stick Yoga™ from the heart with natural benefits that will nourish the body, mind, and Spirit joyfully with love, passion, and devotion.

Journey is:  Transformation of self and others through Stick Yoga™:

Skillful demonstration of grounding and energizing in Stick Yoga™ postures, and dynamic Stick Stretching routines. Commitment to daily Stick Stretching practice for self-discipline, and refinement of Master skills.