This two-day Teacher Training Certification is  for Doctors, Personal Trainers,  Acupuncturists, Health Professionals, Yoga lovers, & Fitness Enthusiasts.

Become certified and confident in your own practice of Stick Yoga® , Stick Stretching, and Stick Rx® and be qualified to teach others.

It can be taken for up to 12 CEU’s for Chiropractors and Acupuncturists.

Available several times a year in Northern & Southern California.

Here is just a portion of what you will learn:

  • Physical conditioning routines for daily living that are safe, fun, and easy to learn and teach.
  • Step by step process for learning and teaching dynamic warm-ups and stretching exercises using Stick Technology for improving posture, balance, coordination, strength, and range of motion.
  • Optimal stretch techniques using Stick leverage to enhance myofascial flexibility.
  • Core stabilizing exercises using Stick technology.
  • To create customized Stick workouts (warm-up & stretch routines).
  • Sport specific Stick Stretching and strengthening routines.
  • Multiple Stick Stretching routines for upper & lower body.

At the completion of this Basic course, you will:

  • Experience the obvious simplicity of Stick Stretching and its personal value being made available for yourself and others.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of specific movements and practical use of posture sticks in performing quality warm-ups, stretching and strengthening routines.
  • Understand Stick Stretching technology and be confident to teach the basic applications.
  • Promote and teach the Dynamic Stick Stretching model as a new exercise paradigm. You will be inspired as you learn, practice, and teach self care, self healing, and self transformation, through Dynamic Stick Stretching.

Don’t miss out!   Get certified now!

  • Teacher Training Certification
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  • Teacher Training Certification – Repeat Pricing