Symmetrical Movement Technique (Stick Stretching) is an innovative, systematic, and effective approach to fitness and body awareness through warming up, stretching, and toning while using a four or six-foot stick as a partner and tool. A gentle blend of Yoga, Tai Chi and martial arts, its purpose is to learn new motor skills paying attention to posture and alignment training, as it relates to personal and mechanical efficiency. These postures engage both sides of the body in the toning and limbering process. Left and right side of upper and lower body are dynamically and statically trained through a conscious process for establishing balance and symmetry. The intention is to enhance the health of the musculoskeletal system and organs, which increases the flow of life energy, so that we can become more at ease inside our bodies and in the world. Increased physical grace, endurance, strength, agility, grounding and balance, as well as enhanced self-esteem and self-image, are the natural results of this technique.