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Do It Yourself

Try a New Fitness Routine!

Stretch Your Mind and Body!

Learn more about how you can join the Stick Yoga® Movement!


Practice and experience state of the art stretching with Stick Yoga® for yourself, your family and your community.

Have an opportunity to learn leadership skills which can be fun, effective, and prosperous.

Teacher Training

Get primal with Stick Yoga® and explore how to use its natural versatility to open up new pathways for bi-lateral movement and brain health for enhanced cognitive functions for the young and old.

Master Certification

Bring your teaching through Movement Healing to the next level.

Be a leader with more Innate Spark, and Emotional Intelligence from Source.


Video Testimonials

We could go on and on about Stick Yoga®, but sometimes it’s best to let our clients do the talking.

You need to attend this seminar!  -If not for your patients, then for your own benefit.  I guarantee you will walk out of this class having stretched in ways you never imagined!

Dell ConsalvoDC

What a wonderful seminar; full of new, easy yet challenging technical exercises with the stick.  I look forward to continually using and learning more about Dynamic Stick Stretching for myself, my patients, and my community.  Your laughter was infectious; it put a smile on my face.  Thank you!

Dr. Steve SherwinSanta Barbara, CA

This seminar provided me with the missing link to both my teaching & practice.  My experience with Dr. Faygenholtz has opened my thinking and vision for both my teaching and practice.  I do not know why I have not discovered Dr. Faygenholtz sooner.  He is a Rosetta stone of the Chiropractic and movement language.  I especially appreciated the conversation that was stimulated in his Presence.  Great Appreciation.

Michael LuanD.C.

Dr. Faygenholtz demonstrated how he uses poles of various lengths to stretch virtually every part of ones body.  We then had Dr. Faygenholtz stretch various parts of the body while we incorporated FAKTR-PM.  His stretching method allows us to treat anatomical regions more effectively in many cases.  I know I plan to learn more about his technique and from what I have seen to date, I would highly recommend others learn from this very innovative, enthusiastic colleague.


Stick Stretching is the best form of movement and stretching I have found for my patients yet. I get better compliance from them with this than with yoga stretches. I use it with almost all of my patients.

Steven GabayD.C


Our Passion

Heartfelt Drive. This is more then just picking up a Stick. This is our life blood. We live and breathe this every single day.  It’s a lifestyle, it’s a mission, it’s a religion. It is a drive within us that we cannot divorce ourselves from. Its texture and connectedness of our being within nature and all of it elements. It’s our body connected to the Innate muscles within it. Touch is an integral part of being human. Stick Yoga™ is spiritual Touching, and being Touched by Source.

Don’t miss out! Be a certified instructor now!