What is Stick Yoga?

Stick Yoga® is conscious Stick Stretching, ideally with music in nature, having fun, and being curious.  It connects you with your higher self, your body and brain. To strip away all of the clutter in our day-to-day lives and to re-ignite that spark inside of you.


Do you remember way back when? Back to the day when you didn’t have a care in the world? Back when your world was full of wonder and excitement? Back to your childhood. Every day was an exploration, an adventure. You were curious. Everything was fresh, and new and different. You built forts, had imaginary friends and delighted each and every morning to what the day may bring.

Remember picking up a stick for the first time? Do you remember the texture? The smell? Maybe even the taste? The possibilities of what you could do with that stick were endless.

With Stick Yoga® we want to carousel you back.   Back to a time when you had less worries, less responsibilities, and less concern for what other people thought.  Back when your biggest worry was making it to school on time.

We want you to delight in the nostalgia of re-experiencing something for the first time.  Stick Yoga® is a method to connect you with both the world around you and the elements.  In addition it connects you to your curiosity and your awareness.  Stick Yoga® combines the body, mind and spirit, through posture routines using an experience of fine touch and firm grip, with help from the Stick.