Our Mission is to passionately awaken and connect the Innate Spark in the body, brain, and Spirit, one being at a time, through our worldwide communities.

How we Awaken: Find a teacher that can guide you back to your connectedness with your body. Yourself.  Our teachers are welcoming you onto the path, safely, spiritually, and securely.  Reconnecting. You with Stick Yoga® with a physical path to reawaken.

What we Spark:  We learn how to ignite and light up the brain, the body, and the nervous system. We spark the being back to greater presence of life. Through the spark and innate energy that comes with the Stick Yoga® method, we can help you connect to a greater expression of life.  Stick Yoga® as a lifestyle for optimal fitness and a healthy brain.

(I AM) One Being; one person, one heart. Everyone wants to know how can this help me?  It’s delivering the nutrients to the body, mind and soul that we didn’t even know we were supplying.

Providing the ingredients and the formula for anyone to comprehend, through new growth in the nervous system. The Stick Yoga® Methods aids in new motor skills learning, and new pathways from the new input.

OUR PASSION: To be directed from the heart, and expressing with divine guidance.  This is more then just picking up a Stick. This personal commitment fuels our life blood. We live and breathe this every single day.  It’s a lifestyle, it’s a personal mission and a spiritual and balanced journey.  It lives within us. We cannot divorce ourselves from Stick Yoga®.  The body’s texture and connectedness of our being within nature and all of it elements.  It’s our body connected to the innate expression within us through emotion.  Touch is an integral part of being human.  Stick Yoga® is spiritual touching, and being touched by source through embodied awareness.

Think of an infant experiencing something for the first time.  Innocent Curiosity, Self & World Exploration.

Enhancing the inner and outer stretching relationship, constantly changing & correcting and connecting to the higher self.

The Stick is an extension of the body and not separate and is an enhancer of your intention to reach further, feel more sensations, and experience self connecting with ease and fun.

Stick Yoga® for Grounding. To practice being 100%  present in the moment because of the technique of holding and moving the Stick correctly. This provides for total body support and balance while strengthening and stretching with ease.

This isn’t about going though the motions.   It is  intentional.   The intentional and deliberate use of Stick Yoga® supports and guides the body to explore itself with grace, balance and ease.

Join the Stick Yoga™ Movement!