What is Stick Yoga®?

It is a powerful and innovative approach to spinal and extremity conditioning and rehabilitation.
It is an easy stretching technique using a 4 ft or 6 ft staff or stick for leverage, support, and balance.
It encompasses stretching techniques that integrate aspects of yoga, tai chi, and martial arts.

What makes it unique?

It is safe, fun, inexpensive, and uses a prop for creating quality warm up moves and stretching techniques.
It works with gravity for your stretching and posture advantage. It includes applying leverage and body mechanics to stretch with greater ease and safety.
It helps re-pattern spinal movements for balancing posture and alignment.
By using a stick, it is equivalent of having a partner to warm up and stretch with.
It employs decompression and imbibition into our joints and discs.
It helps correct postural imbalances, restores motion, balance, and awareness to the patient’s somatics.
You will learn new motor skills while using sticks for physical support and leverage.

How is it going to benefit me/my patients?

Improves posture, flexibility, recovery from injury, and rehabilitation.

What are the personal benefits to Health Care Providers?

Release physical and mental tension and stress by this unique, balanced stretching and warm-up system.

How often should I do Stick Yoga®?

Practice as often as you have time to give yourself a natural and personal vacation, energizing yourself. It will immediately change your state of mind, and energy level as needed throughout the day. We recommend 10 – 30 minutes per day, either at once or in little bits throughout the day.

Who can benefit from Stick Yoga®?

Most everyone
Young people learn valuable and practical exercises with sticks that will improve posture and health for life.
Athletes and Fitness Enthusiasts
– For enhancing warm-up and stretch routines with variety and new input.
– For prevention of injury
– To improve specific sports stretch routines
Mature adults can stay physically active, maintaining flexibility, balance, & strength, for daily living and recreation.
Senior citizens will have better balance, and strength training. Assists mobility and range of motion for upper and lower body.

Is there anyone who should not do Stick Yoga®?

Yes. A person experiencing acute conditions of any kind, pain in body parts that are increased or worsen with range of motion exercises, or stretching postures. If it does not feel good, do not do it.

Where can I do Stick Yoga®?

Outside in nature at the beach, a park, in your own backyard.
A room large enough to safely move a 4 ft or 6 ft stick in all directions without hitting anything.

How can I learn more about Stick Yoga® & Stick Stretching?

Sign up for Stick Stretching for Brain Health & Total Body Fitness with Dr. Arthur Faygenholtz (the Stickman) and learn about Stick Stretching while receiving CEU’s (Chiropractors & Acupuncturists).
Teacher Training Certification is an opportunity for you to realize and explore the extraordinary within you as a teacher, a practitioner and a person.
Acquire Stick Stretching DVD and e-manual.
Master Certification and new products for general conditioning/fitness and specific conditions are coming soon.

Join the Stick Yoga® Movement!