Dr.-Faygenholtz_AboutDr. Arthur Faygenholtz is a Doctor of Chiropractic, a former marathoner, and the father of Stick Yoga®. He has instructional experience in a variety of disciplines including: anatomy, physical conditioning, Hatha Yoga, sports, rehabilitation training, and Special Olympics.

From Dr. Arthur….

“I have been researching and teaching exercise, fitness, health, anatomy, and kinesiology for the past 36 years in my practice, classes, and seminars. I have recently added neuroscience/brain fitness into my present time studies and teaching.

For the past 8 years I have been teaching professional seminars under the California State Board of Examiners for Continuing Education. I also developed Teacher Training Certification for those professionals interested in learning more for themselves and to teach others.  I have had a great response from the community with many doctors and other health professionals benefiting from the experiential education.  Most attendees have been using the information in both their practice and their personal fitness.

I am the creator and developer of this new natural movement system (Stick Yoga®), which applies a Stick to body mechanics and movement efficiency. This innovative application enhances functional kinesiology with greater ease and specificity.  What I have developed is both a creative and precise stretching method.  There are specific routines for each area of the upper and lower body.

My passion has been teaching health, personal fitness, exercise, and brain fitness through bi-lateral coordination, and personal transformation.

Stick Yoga® stretching has always been in my world, as my physical, mental, and spiritual disciplined way of life.  I am blessed to have chosen this way of life, as it continues to transform me into my true state of being.

My Early Years…

I remember  first practicing  ‘Stick Yoga®’ as a young boy in Brooklyn during the 60′s while playing stick ball in the school yard. Learning to swing the stick (bat) with precision incorporating dynamic rotation. Using hand / eye coordination in hitting the ball, strength to hit further, and proper stance with awareness, mindful breathing, relaxed, ready, and strong.

While attending Sonoma State University, as a  Physical Education Major, I worked with  wheelchair Olympic athletes who were very strong, fit, yet needed more flexibility.  My college experience was life changing when I discovered that using leverage with a 6 ft Stick enhanced  performance as well as improved flexibility and range of motion.

College Years

College Years

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